Our Delicious, Smooth and Healthy Mission.

Those are the things we’ve been obsessed with since Day One: making a healthier, smoother and more delicious shake is why Good Protein exists.

We’ve spent years testing, tasting and sourcing the best ingredients to create plant-based shakes that taste exactly like your favourite sweet snacks and juices that are as satisfying as a freshly squeezed glass — all while offering your body everything it deserves.

Super Good Superfoods

No more gritty textures, unpleasant aftertastes or bland flavours. Satisfy your body’s needs and your cravings with the same sip.
High Quality
We’re obsessed with finding the best ingredients in the world, because they’re often more nutritious and taste better. You’ll never find anything artificial in our products, only real, all-natural, plant-based ingredients that are GMO-, dairy-, gluten- and soy-free.
More than Protein
Our shakes and juices offer way more than just protein: they help curb cravings, improve your digestion, support your immune system, offer more energy and give you everything you need to keep your muscles healthy.

This is Edward

He founded Good Protein. But he was obsessed with health and nutrition long before that.

Along the way he tried all the supplements and protein shakes out there, but they always left a bad taste in his mouth. Not only did they have a gritty texture and unappetizing taste, but they also focused on one aspect of what the body needed at the expense of others — like feeling bloated after a supposedly healthy shake.

So, in 2019, Edward started scouring the world for the best suppliers and the highest-quality ingredients, with a single goal in mind: to create a shake that complements your daily diet – a nutritionally rich solution that provides essential nutrients for the body's well-being.


Today, we’ve sold over 10 MILLION shakes in 12 different flavours, not to mention an immune system-supporting Green Superfood Juice, an energizing, antioxidant-rich Red Superfood Juice, a calming Golden Turmeric Latte, and a plant-based Collagen Booster.

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