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All-In-One Shakes

Functional Wellness

New limited edition shake!

Mini Eggs

The All-in-One shake you love – creamy, easy to make and packed with nutrients – with a tasty new twist.

Tastes just like those little milk chocolate eggs.

All-natural, nutrient-rich ingredients.

Contributes to healthy gut flora.

Real love, from real people, who’ve seen a real difference.

Tastes so much better than other protein powders. I add it to my smoothies and it keeps me full and satisfied for hours. Also the customer service is amazing.

Nicole K.

Quebec, CA

Love the rich chocolate flavour! I don’t have any digestive issues from Good Protein shakes, unlike other whey based protein powders. I highly recommend.

Kassie R.

Ontario, CA

This protein powder is the first one I have tried that tastes great, is a fine texture that is not gritty and does not cause bloating or gas. Highly recommend!

Wendi B.

Alberta, CA

The perfect pick me up to get through the afternoon slump. I find it subtle, but it definitely helps give you that boost to get through the day, and the taste is nice

Jennifer B.

Vancouver, CA

Shakes With Benefits

When we say All-in-One, we mean it. A balanced nutritional offering means you get all sorts of benefits, from your muscles to your gut to your taste buds.



Supports Gut Flora

Smooth and Creamy

Ingredients You Know

Packed with Nutrients

100,000+ Happy Customers

Can healthy be tasty, too?

Let’s be honest, most plant-based shakes taste terrible. We made superfood shakes that taste super good, because what good is a shake that you don’t want to drink?

“I absolutely love these. They are low cal, low carb, filling and all of the flavors are delicious.”

- Kelly R.